Our History

For over a half-century, Cascades has been revealing the full potential of people, materials and ideas.

The 1960s at Cascades

The birth of a sustainable vision

Even before founding Cascades in 1964, the Lemaire family had a vision of green living. Sustainable development wasn’t yet a way of life, but these Quebecers shared a deeply held belief in the importance of reusing, recovering and recycling for the good of the environment and society.


Antonio, Bernard and Laurent Lemaire restore an old abandoned mill that belonged to Dominion Paper Cie in Kingsey Falls. It was the birth of Papier Cascades Inc.


The Lemaires introduce a profit-sharing program for employees.

Alain Lemaire joins the company.


Cascades celebrates its fifth anniversary. Its important economic contribution to the region is celebrated in Kingsey Falls.

1964 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Kingsey Falls
1964 – Cascades Transport

The 1970s at Cascades

Deploying its know-how

Cascades begins its first wave of expansion across Québec. While manufacturing activities head down new paths, the founders remain faithful to their vision: ensuring that their products are composed of as much recycled material as possible.



Cascades creates Forma-Pak, the first plant for moulded pulp made of 100% recycled fibres.


After 10 years, Cascades has 165 employees and sales of $7.2 million.



Cascades opens its doors in Cabano with a containerboard plant.


Cascades and Wyant become equal partners in the creation of the first tissue products plant.

1971 – Cascades Forma-Pak
1972 – Cascades Papier Kingsey Falls
1972 – Plastiques Cascades
1974 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Victoriaville
1976 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Cabano
1977 – Cascades Groupe Tissu – Kingsey Falls
1978 – Cascades Conversion inc.

The 1980s at Cascades

Constant growth

Cascades distinguishes itself by acquiring and turning around plants in difficulty and refurbishing equipment. It expands to the U.S. and Europe, is listed on the stock exchange and pushes the boundaries of innovation by creating its own Research and Development Centre.


Cascades is listed on the Montréal Stock Exchange and puts down roots in the U.S.


The Lemaire brothers create the Research and Development Centre and acquire their first plant in Europe.


Cascades celebrates its 25th anniversary and its many accomplishments.

1982 – Cascades Services et Achats
1982 – Cascades Inopak
1983 – Cascades Groupe Carton Plat – East Angus
1983 – Cascades East Angus
1983 – Cascades Tissue Group – Rockingham
1984 – Cascades Groupe Carton Plat – Jonquière
1985 – Cascades S.A.S., Division La Rochette
1985 – Cascades Groupe Papiers Fins, Fibres Breakey
1985 – Centre de recherche et développement
1986 – Cascades Moulded Pulp
1986 – Cascades Lupel
1989 – Plastiques Cascades – Re-Plast
1989 – Cascades Djupafors A.B.

The 1990s at Cascades

Focus on diversification

The markets explode and competition goes global. Cascades energetically explores purchasing and strategic investment opportunities in the industry. It acquires a number of production units that will transform it by diversifying its activities.


Bernard Lemaire hands over the presidency to his brother Laurent.


Cascades breaks into the energy market with the acquisition of Boralex, an electricity producer dedicated to the development and operation of renewable energy production sites.


Cascades merges its activities in the containerboard industry with Domtar, creating Norampac Inc.

1991 – Norampac – Newfoundland
1992 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Drummondville
1992 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Vaudreuil
1992 – Cascades Groupe Papiers Fins, Division Rolland
1992 – Cascades Groupe Carton Plat – Mississauga
1992 – Cascades Multi-Pro 
1992 – Cascades Sonoco, Birmingham
1994 – Converdis inc. 
1994 – Cascades Transport
1995 – Cascades Enviropac 
1995 – Cascades Groupe Tissu – Candiac
1995 – Cascades Groupe Tissu – Laval 
1995 – Cascades Groupe Tissu – Lachute
1997 – Norampac
1997 – Centre de développement des compétences Alain-Lemaire
1997 – Cascades GIE inc.
1997 – Cascades Sonoco, Tacoma
1998 – Cascades Groupe Papiers Fins, Centre de transformation
1998 – Cascades Auburn Fiber
1999 – Cascades Plastics
1999 – Cascades CIP

The 2000s at Cascades

Joining forces to innovate

It is an era of consolidation; competition is stiff and the value of the dollar is climbing, along with the cost of fibre and energy. Cascades is determined to solidify its position in its most promising sectors: packaging and tissue products.


Laurent Lemaire hands over the presidency of Cascades to his younger brother Alain.


Cascades gains full ownership of Norampac.


Cascades merges its boxboard manufacturing activities with those of Italian giant Reno de Medici, S.p.A.

2000 – Cascades Rollpack SAS (Saulcy-sur-Meurthe et Châtenois, France)
2000 – Cascades Tissue Group – IFC Disposables Inc.
2001 – Cascades Tissue Group – Pennsylvania (Pittston)
2001 – Cascades Tissue Group – Wisconsin
2001 – Cascades Groupe Carton Plat – Winnipeg
2001 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – New York City
2002 – Cascades Tissue Group – New York Inc. (Mechanicville et Waterford)
2002 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Leominster
2002 – Cascades Tissue Group – Oregon Inc.
2003 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Schenectady
2004 – Cascades Groupe Carton Plat – Cobourg
2004 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Lancaster
2004 – Norampac New England, Thompson Division
2004 – Cascades Tissue Group – Arizona
2004 – Cascades Tissue Group – Tennessee
2004 – Centre de la technologie de l’information Laurent-Lemaire
2005 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Belleville
2005 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Viau
2005 – Cascades Emballage carton-caisse – Le Gardeur
2007 – Cascades Enviropac Grand Rapids
2009 – Cascades Tissue Group – Toronto MAP
2009 – Cascades Tissue Group – Toronto

The 2010s at Cascades

Building the future together

Cascades is firmly committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainable development. Its primary intention is to position itself at the head of the pack in the packaging and tissue products sectors.




Mario Plourde succeeds Alain Lemaire as COO.


Across North American and in Europe, Cascades celebrates its 50th anniversary.

pdf-cahier-50e-notre-histoire-cascades  50th Special Notebook (5.3 Mo)


The Norampac division aligns itself with the rest of the company and takes the name Cascades Containerboard Packaging.




Cascades monetizes its investment in Boralex by selling its interest to the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec.

2011 – Cascades Groupe Tissu – Papersource 
2011 – Cascades Enviropac Aurora 
2011 – Norcan Flexible Packaging Inc.
2011 – Greenpac Mill, LLC 
2012 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Bird
2014 – Cascades Tissue Group – Wagram
2016 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Newtown
2017 – Cascades Tissue Group – Oregon Converting – Scappoose
2017 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Coyle
2017 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Brown
2017 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – McLeish
2017 – Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Piscataway
2018 – Cascades Moulded Pulp – Iowa, a division of Cascades Holding US Inc.
2018 – Cascades Moulded Pulp – Indiana, a division of Cascades Holding US Inc.
2019 – Cascades Tissue Group – Oklahoma
2019 – Cascades Tissue Group – South Carolina

Bernard Lemaire - Cofondateur

Bernard Lemaire


''If there's one thing we're proud of, it's having built a healthy business with a bright outlook for the future.''